Strengthening the Heartland

The leading cause of accidental death in the United States is drug overdose, and opioids are the most common drug. To combat the crisis, Strengthening the Heartland (STH) is dedicated to providing opioid education in rural communities, with particular emphasis on those in the farming/ranching industry, directly through a prescription opioid misuse prevention program and a public health campaign.

The project began with creating a branding system as a foundation for the campaign. We needed a brand system that would be able to extend beyond to future projects. Through messaging and positioning, the brand needed to position the organization as a resource for rural communities Tone was particularly important, one that treated the audience as the expert rather than preaching, and equipping our audience with hands-on, open access tools for wellness. The branding system I designed included a logo system, color standards, typography, and messaging.

After establishing the brand, I created an all inclusive marketing campaign, covering a wide span of deliverables including: designing collateral materials and educational pieces; designing promotional campaigns for events and live webinars; planning, developing, and maintaining the Strengthening the Heartland website; and providing recording and video editing services for the digital events.

Role: Art Direction, Designer

Client: Strengthening the Heartland